animal-assisted interventions

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research and advocacy

To further the field of Animal-assisted Interventions in the country, Communitails aims to provide scientific studies detailing the benefits of the human-animal bond on health.

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mental wellness

We create customized animal-assisted programs for our partner institutions to help them better address mental health issues in their community.

Human-animal teams provide support through new and existing therapy and counseling services.


animal welfare

Therapy animals are not tools to our health or wellness. They are our partners. Their welfare and well-being is our priority in every program we create.



Bubu (therapy dog) was really friendly and made me forget about the things I was stressed about. Although sometimes I get scared of big dogs, Bubu wasn’t scary at all!
I appreciated that they considered whether the therapy animal was in the mood or not.

talk to us

If you'd like us to work with you, if you have any questions or concerns about how to go about working together, or about the work we've done, please let us know.

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